The Senna


Global legacy in

constant motion

Inspiring people

around the world

Perpetuating the indomitable

spirit of Ayrton Senna

Senna is an aspirational and accessible lifestyle brand created by Ayrton Senna. It has become a movement that inspires people to seek their own truth. We are an enabler of change, a motivation that allows people to find their true calling through ordinary actions that leads us to the extraordinary.

sua verdade, sua força, sua vocação, sua paixão, seu sonho, seu talento, sua melhor versão

are you seeking

your truth?

An Ayrton Senna’s


The Senna’s Group:


dreams and Generations

More than just a brand’s group, a movement that begins with Ayrton Senna and goes on with his family. The purpose is to help people develop their potential and light Senna’s flame on each of us.

We believe everyone has a huge potential inside them.

Senna’s Group’s purpose is to motivate different generations to be their best version, and each brand has a way to help people to achieve their goals.

We are in a never-ending positive cycle. The products and the actions from Senna and Senninha generate resources for educational programs at Ayrton Senna’s Institute. 

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