At the month we celebrate 20 years of Ayrton Senna’s legacy, our eternal three-time Champion is once again at the top of the podium. Only this time it’s a different type of podium – instead of located at a circuit’s start/finish straight, it’s at Google!

The Google Trends tool, which ranks the most searched words on the website, shows that “Senna” was one of the most requested ones at late April and early May. On April 30th, the word Senna was typed in more than 100,000 times on Google, making it the most searched name, in Brazil, at the date. On Sunday, May 4th, Senna also topped the ranking with more than 50,000 related searches.

Besides, on May 1st, Senna also stepped on the podium – he was the second most searched item, both in Brazil and in Italy. And now, you can see all that love and admiration at Ayrton Senna’s official website. Access Senna Experience and post a testimonial.