Three-time F1 world Champion Ayrton Senna was honored once again by artist Eduardo Kobra, this time in Ímola, Italy. The painting is 21 meters long and 7 meters tall, and it was completed in seven days by Kobra and his team. It’s the 10th piece the artist has made in honor of his racing idol.

“Senna is a great idol and a great icon, but he was always humble and close to the people”, remembered Kobra in an interview to Jornal Nacional after unveiling the painting last September.

Kobra also commented on technical details of the piece. “Senna’s story is depicted in the yellow stripe of the helmet, where I show the start of his career, in karting. [Senna] has always been an example of hard work, overcoming obstacles and faith in God. He’s a Brazilian symbol, someone we’re very proud of and who inspires us. And Senna wanted to honor his friend, Ratzenberger, on that very weekend in 1994”, said Kobra, explaining the Austrian flag he painted on the visor of Ayrton’s helmet.

The mural at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari is located above the entryway of the Checco Costa museum, where a temporary exhibition with items from the driver’s career is still being held. The exhibition is called “Magic Ayrton – Soul Beyond Limits” and will go on until November 30, 2019.

Senna is the record-holder of F1 pole positions at Ímola, having started eight times in first place. The Brazilian driver is also the second most victorious driver at Ímola, in a tie with Alain Prost, with three wins overall. Only Michael Schumacher has won more times in the Italian track (eight races).

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