F1 Year Book – 1990



It was undoubtedly the hardest season in my career. But winning my second title, after all, the pressure I was under, ended up tasting even sweeter. The world title also belongs to all members of the Honda Marlboro McLaren team, who worked harder than they ever did before to adjust – mainly – the MP4/5B chassis. I must confess that since it was less competitive than previous models, this year’s car made me spend most of my time on the track. I had never done so much testing in F1, but the sacrifice was awarded an achievement that no one can doubt or call into question. After all, besides earning more wins and points than any other contestant, I was the driver who led the most, throughout the season. FISA’s own statistics show that, out of the 1.050 laps in 16 Grand Prixes, this year, I was ahead in 556 of them, while my biggest rival for the title led only 110 laps, averaging less than 15% of each race. Putting my trust in the numbers’ accuracy, I have a clear conscience. And I’m ready for new challenges. The results in the last few races, this year, prove that next season should be even more equally matched. But, for now, let’s enjoy the most exciting moments of my journey towards the title, in this Yearbook, which was edited by Francisco Santos, a close friend and, above all, one of the field’s greatest professionals.”