Ayrton forever: Legacy

Compromisso com eficiência e qualidade

The great ideal of Ayrton Senna when he began racing karts was to be a great Formula 1 champion. His career was always pointed in this direction. And he succeeded.

But motor racing wasn’t his only preoccupation. The simple, sincere, friendly man became a perfectionist businessman; objective and demanding when dealing with his business affairs.

It was with the support of these natural qualities of a businessman that Senna participated directly in the development and concretization of two dreams that he saw realized: the brand Senna, which is a standard in high tech products, and the children’s character Senninha, inspired by his own personal values.

He had, above all, a great love for children. When surrounded by them, he always had a huge smile of pure satisfaction. To do something to improve the opportunities for youth was a dream and a goal to be accomplished after triumphing on the tracks around the world.

This was how the Instituto Ayrton Senna was founded, to fulfill the ideals laid out by its mentor.