The most notorious stage of Brazilian go-kart racing, and one of the most important in the world, will be reopened this weekend: the Kartódromo Ayrton Senna, at Interlagos. The track, where the three-time F1 champion built the foundations of his career, will host the second race of the Shell SKB Paulista Kart Championship.

Almost ten years after its last official competition, the track in São Paulo has a new asphalt cover that uses the same technology implemented in its neighboring track, the F1 circuit, which should make things even more thrilling for more than 100 drivers who will compete this week. Originally opened in 1970, the track’s last asphalt renovation had happened in 1990.

“Many drivers consider this one of the best go-kart tracks in the world, with a varied layout, full of challenging corners, which helps forging great drivers. The new asphalt was an welcome gift to competitors”, says Ruben Carrapatoso, a former go-kart world champion and one of the men behind the Shell SKB Paulista, a championship that will feature six races in 2015.

The official schedule started during the week, when the first free-training sessions were held.  On Saturday and Sunday mornings, drivers will take part in time-trials and, as soon as all of the categories training sessions are over, two heats for each grid will take place.

Cadete, the category in which the youngest drivers compete, will be the first on the track, at 8 AM. At 8:15 AM it’s Jr. Menor’s turn, followed by Graduados at 8:30 AM. Júnior, Sprinter and Shifter follow. Sênior and Super Sênior set out together to close out the time trials, around 9h30.

The first heats will take place starting 10:00 AM, again with Cadete starting the proceedings. After Caete is finished, the races follow the same order as the practice sessions, only with Júnior and Graduados switching places.