DENNIS RUSHEN (Team Manager, Rushen Green Team, 1982)


DENNIS RUSHEN (Chefe de equipe da Rushen Green Team, 1982)

I was quiet and he was quiet. I could talk to him, chill him out. we were in the same wavelength. We used to drive together in Europe, just me and him, and that’s why we spent so much time together. We were going to Osterreichring long before they put all the motorways in and you had to go up the hill and down dale to get to it.

We were driving up there in a windy, uphill part of the road and on the right-hand side there was a lovely waterfall.

He said “Dennis, can we stop? I want to to and stand with my back to that and will you take my picture? I ‘ll send it to my mum”.

He was a future World Champion, could have had an ego and all the rest of it, but no, Im going to take a picture for my mum. He looked coy, a little bit embarrassed really, standing there, event though there was only me and the camera. I took the picture and he sent it back.