EMERSON FITTIPALDI (Two time F1 World Champion)


EMERSON FITTIPALDI (Two time F1 World Chapion)

Ayrton’s Formula 2000 race was a support to the Austrian Grand Prix. I told him ‘listen, come to my motorhome after practice. I’ll introduce you to most of the team managers’.

He came and I took him with me. He was very shy. I remember going to Ron Dennis, Ferrari, Ken Tyrrell, to Frank. I introduced Ayrton Senna — ‘he’s just Won the Formula Ford 2000 race, he’s winning everything and he’ll be World Champion.’ Ayrton Was so shy he wasn’t saying too much. Everybody looked at me and they were thinking is Emerson right?

I never introduced anybody like that in my life before. Ayrton was the only one.

Memories of Senna – Christopher Hilton