The iconic Senna brand will be permanently on McLaren F1 cars at every Grand Prix. The partnership will debut in the most traditional GP of the year, in Monaco, where Ayrton Senna holds the record for most wins, with six victories.

Senna made his Formula 1 debut in 1984, winning six races up to 1988, when he joined McLaren. In the British team, the Brazilian established his status as one of the greatest drivers of all time, winning 35 races and three Formula 1 World Championships.

The Brazilian’s bravery, commitment, and innovative spirit set the standard for the team and continue to be at the center of everything they do. With the support of Senna Brands, the tribute to Senna will now be placed on the halo of the McLaren car.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, commented:

“Ayrton Senna is, and always will be, a McLaren legend. His performances with McLaren earned him three World Championships, cementing his place as one of Formula 1’s greatest drivers. When he tragically passed away in 1994, the entire motorsport world felt a sense of irreplicable loss, but his memory lives on in the hearts and minds of Formula One fans around the world. We feel it is only right that we, as McLaren, recognize his contribution to our sport by carrying his name with us wherever we go speeding.”

“From the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix, the McLaren MCL36 will carry the Senna logo, marking our commitment to celebrate his legacy. I can think of no better race than the Monaco Grand Prix to begin this recognition of Ayrton’s life. Having won this GP six times, more than any other driver, Ayrton proved that his ingenuity and skill behind the wheel of an F1 car could rarely be matched. The logo adherence to our F1 race cars will be permanent and was added with the support of the Senna family. It will serve as a constant reminder of Ayrton Senna’s sensational talent for us as a team, and for all our fans around the world,” added Zak Brown.

Bianca Senna, CEO of Senna Brands and Ayrton Senna’s niece said:

“Our history with McLaren is very special. Stamping the brand SENNA, which symbolizes overcoming limits, overcoming and fighting for dreams also in Formula 1 cars, and McLaren Senna, only confirms that Ayrton Senna’s legacy goes beyond the barrier of time. It was with McLaren that Ayrton won his three championships and became one of the most important names in the history of Formula 1 and world motor racing, and a world idol. It is very significant that this tribute is unveiled in Monaco, where Ayrton is to this day the greatest winner, with six triumphs, five of them with McLaren. Some of his most important moments in Formula 1 history took place in the circuit set up in the streets of Monte Carlo, the main stage of the World Championship. And we are all proud of that. I thank Zak Brown and everyone at McLaren for this beautiful tribute,” Bianca says.