The tributes to Ayrton Senna around the world take place in several ways and one that usually draws the attention of collectors are the coins. Let’s see some of them:

Coins released in Monaco

At the Monaco Grand Prix of 2017, Rosland Capital, a leading company in precious metals, launch  a collection

of coins to celebrate Senna´s historic first win at the Monte Carlo F-1 Circuit. Designed in collaboration with the Ayrton Senna Institute, the limited edition collection includes six 30 oz gold coins, 180 2.5 oz gold coins and 300 2.5 oz silver coins. The coins are minted by Swiss-based PAMP S.A. and feature an unmistakable image of Senna. A portion of the proceeds will directly benefit the foundation.

Its last release was 2990 coins limited to 7 grams.


October 13 is National Money Day in Brazil, so let’s take a look at some of the times Ayrton Senna’s likeness was featured on currency – a different way of honoring the three-time F1 World Champion.

2 Reais 

Unlike most 2-Real coins, this one was very much, well, real. It was minted by the Brazilian Central bank in 1995 in honor of Ayrton Senna’s career. On one side, the silver-plated coin features the driver’s profile – identified by the horizontal stripes on his iconic helmet – onboard of his race car and some of Ayton’s stats (victories, GPs and pole-positions). On the other side, there’s a portrait of a smiling Senna wearing his racing suit, and a reference to his three world titles.

20 Reais

Also in 1995, the Central Bank released a gold-plated coin in honor of the driver. On one side, two tracks where Senna made history – Interlagos and Monaco. On the other, the same portrait used in the 2-Real coin, but now with the place and the year the coin was minted (Brazil 1995). Just like in the previous coin, its reverse also features a Brazilian flag mixed with a checkered flag.

10 Liberian Dollars

Ayrton Senna was also featured on a 10-Liberian-dollar coin. The tails side displays the African country’s coat of arms. The heads side depicts Ayrton Senna wearing his Banco Nacional cap, his 1994 Williams, the Brazilian flag and his helmet. The coin also features the year of the diver’s birth and the year his F1 career came to an end.

100 Liberian Dollars

Also minted in 1996, this coin differs from the 10-Liberian-dollar one because of its gold planting and its denomination: it’s worth ten times as much. Not to mention it’s certainly the shiniest of all the coins produced in honor of the three-time champion.

5 euros

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the driver’s legacy, designers Marcio Petta and Antonello Napolione created a special €5 coin, featuring Ayrton Senna’s likeness and the FW16 Williams – the last car driven by the Brazilian in F1. The Autonomous Agency of Philately and Numismatics of San Marino was in charge of the minting itself.

25 euros

A limited edition of coins celebrating great F1 idols was released in 1997. Ayrton Senna and his three world titles were depicted on the coin’s obverse, while its reverse shows the 25-Euro value, alongside the FIA (International Automobile Federation) logo.

Full-color coin

The only full-color coin featuring Ayrton Senna was created in 2014 by Brazilian designer Renato Saes. It has a denomination of 2 New Zealand Dollars and was minted by the French company Art Mint, which specializes in manufacturing coins. One of its sides depicts Senna’s likeness while the other brings the profile of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who is New Zealand’s head of state.