The day Senna almost ran over the flagman in Monaco

At the 1991 Monaco GP, Ayrton had a huge scare on the Monte Carlo track. After winning the pole position and opening some distance at the start of the race, the Brazilian driver was startled on lap 9: a few meters before reaching the Saint devote corner, a race marshal crossed the track right in front of his McLaren.

At the end of the race, Ayrton admitted he was relieved that nothing had happened, and that it was just a scare. “I was really startled, but quickly tried to calm myself down”, he told journalists after the GP. During the race, Senna made clear things were under control. Te three-time champion won from start to finish and even lapped Alain Prost, now driving a Ferrari, who finished in fourth place. The podium had Ayrton, Nigel Mansell and Jean Alesi. It was the Brazilian’s fourth triumph in the Principality.