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The fact of being Brazilian only makes me proud

Ayrton Senna

The Development
de um ídolo

Ayrton became an idol of the Brazilian public by becoming the solidified image of determination and hope that the nation needed against the entire political-cultural scenario of the last two decades prior to his rise. Yet, this had never been his real purpose. Senna wanted to be seen as champion, but never got tied down to the arrogance of those who know too much. He spent a little more time than usual to understand his car. And yet, with so much knowledge, with the victory in his favor, Senna remained faithful to his roots and his character irreproachable. Inside the race tracks, accelerating on Sunday mornings, an idol was born that would mark generations and generations of Brazilians.

Character of a champion

Senna was a man of very clear values, following firmly the teachings of Mrs. Neyde, his mother, in the application of the same ones in the sport and in the life. It all began with dedication: hours and hours taking care of his cars, understanding how the machine worked and looking for a way to fully connect with it, in order to become one, him and the machine. Then, the determination. There were many obstacles that the athlete found in his winding path to success. His merit was precisely in not accepting any result, which leads us to overcoming. For Senna, anything was possible. Although your competitors represent real threats, your biggest competition was with himself, in a clear way to prove that you can always go further. And, finally, perfection. It was not enough to win, it was necessary to win according to your plan, in your best time, in your best performance. Senna was such a person determined to spread his surroundings, a focus that ran through his veins and accelerated the beat of his heart to every dangerous curve he made, thus inspiring many Brazilians that no dream is absurd enough to not be reached .

Out of the tracks

As someone who really liked and cherished life, Senna enjoyed his moments away from the tracks with activities that completely shut him out of that world. Or at least he tried. One of his favorite pastimes was fishing, completely counteracting the chaotic race tracks he loved to inhabit. He also developed a passion for aeromodelling.

Ayrton Senna