South African Grand Prix – 1985


Senna arrived in South Africa, whose altitude is perfect for turbo engines, full of hope.

He was the driver that spun off more often in practice and qualifying sessions. But, if his car could maintain stability like in the other races, he’d be on the podium once again.

But hope did not last. His Renault engine showed itself to be inferior to the others and allowed him only a second row position on the grid, in fourth place. He came in behind the Williams duo and Nelson Piquer from Brabham.During the race, the car lasted only 10 minutes failing on the eighth lap. While he watched the race from a guardrail in the middle of the circuit, Ayrton Senna complained:

“It seems as though I came here to participate in a safari and not in a race”

The season was almost over, but there was one race left in Australia.

Resumo da Corrida

  • 1 N. Mansell
  • 2 N. Piquet
  • 3 K. Rosberg
  • 4 Ayrton Senna
  • 5 M. Surer
  • 6 E. de Angelis
  • 7 T. Fabi
  • 8 N. Lauda
  • 9 A. Prost
  • 10 T. Boutsen
  • 11 G. Berger
  • 12 R. Patrese
  • 13 P. Ghinzani
  • 14 E. Cheever
  • 15 M. Alboreto
  • 16 S. Johansson
  • 17 M. Brundle
  • 18 P. Streiff
  • 19 P. Martini
  • 20 H. Rothengatter
Voltas 75
Tempo Ensolarado
Volta mais rápida K. Rosberg - 1´08´´149
Podium 1º N. Mansell 2º K. Rosberg 3º A. Prost
Carros 20
Abandonos 13