18 September 1983.

Qualifying: Pole.

Result: Retired after 2 laps, engine.

With a new chassis after his Outlon shunt, Senna took pole 0.05 sec quicker than Brundle but he wasn’t convinced about his Ralts’s handbling.

Brundle made the better start but locked up to the ‘Complex’ and Senna scrabbled by.

Next time round it was all over for Ayrton as he detonated an engine with what was later discovered to be sub-standard fuel. It was the first time in 65 F3 races contested by West Surrey Racing that its car had retired with a mechanical problem.

Ayrton’s championship lead was now down to just 3 points but with two rounds to go and only 17 of the 20 rounds to count, Brundle would have to drop a score.

(This race has an excerpt from Senna All His Races)

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Campeonato: Senna 116, Brundle 113