1- Pink Floyd

On this Picture, Ayrton is seen holding a laser-disc by Pink Floyd, one of the greatest rock bands of all time. This LD featured the “Pink Floyd: Delicat Sound of Thunder” concert, which was recorded in 1989, in Long Island (USA) and Versailles (France), during the “A Momentary Lapse Of Reason” tour. It was the group’s first world tour after scoring a huge hit with “The Wall”.

2-    Guns n Roses

In a gig thtat took place in march of 2014, in São Paulo, the American band played the “Victory Theme” – the song that became a soundtrack for Ayrton Senna’s Sunday morning wins.

3-    Tina Turner

After the Australian GP, which took place in 1993, Tina Turner paid tribute to the three-time champion, dedicating the song “Simply the Best” to the McLaren driver, who was on the stage.

4-    Queen

Thre british band was one of Senna´s favorites. “I Want It All” is one of the songs that best describe the driver’s career. Watch the video.

5-    Phil Collins

Another big hit on Senna´s vynil Record player. Ayrton used to listen to the song “In the Air Tonight” to relax during the intense Grand Prix weekends.