This Monday, Discovery Kids debuts a new series of cartoons starring Senninha (Little Senna), the famous character inspired by Ayrton Senna. Titled “ZUPT! COM SENNINHA” (“ZUPT! WITH LITTLE SENNA”), the show comprises 13 one-minute episodes done in 2D animation, to be aired during commercial breaks.

Senninha is a six-year-old kid who loves to go fast and wants to be a Formula One driver. His world is full of cars, connecting rods, chassis and tires, not to mention all kinds of gizmos and power-tools. The series features three other characters: Neco, a mechanic/inventor who creates racing cars from recycled materials; Gabi, a girl who loves art; and Becão, a playful dog who thinks he’s human.

Each episode will deal with subjects related to the upbringing of children, such as determination, perseverance, friendship, respect and cooperation.

“Many parents followed Ayrton Senna’s career and the fondness with which they remember him is immensurable. The goal is to tap into the principles that guided his career and pass them along to their children through characters inspired by our idol”, says Monica Pimentel, content vice-president of Discovery Network Brasil.

“Senninha’s presence on Discovery Kids is a dream come true. It’s the perfect way of bringing Ayrton Senna’s values to the universe of children. I’m sure they will fall in love with the characters and adults will be touched by seeing Senninha on TV and remembering all those exciting Sunday mornings”, adds Bianca Senna, Branding director of the Ayrton Senna Institute.

Senninha was thought up by Ayrton Senna in 1994 and developed by artists Rogério Martins and Ridaut Dias Jr. Ayrton Senna wanted the character to convey a few of his values to children, like a winning spirit, determination and national pride.

“ZUPT! COM SENNINHA”, produced by Super Toons, is the result of a partnership between Discovery Kids and the Ayrton Senna Institute (IAS).


*This content is only in Portuguese on Discovery Kids Brazil