The Italian city of Imola, in the Emilia-Romagna region, has taken the lead in honoring the 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s legacy.

The exhibition MAGIC. Ayrton Senna – Imola 1994 – 2024 is already on display, bringing together 94 black and white photos that narrate, through the lenses of photographers Angelo Orsi and Mirco Lazzari, the unforgettable achievements of the driver. The images also sensitively capture Ayrton’s human and intimate side.

One of the photographers, Angelo Orsi, was a friend of Senna. He shares that, thanks to his closeness with Ayrton outside the tracks, he was able to capture details and nuances accurately. Therefore, even after three decades, these images remain true and allow the public to relive moments from the three-time champion’s career and life.

The first public visitation and opening of the space took place on March 21, the pilot’s birthday, and was attended by fans. The exhibition is on display at the San Domenico Museum, located in the center of Imola, and will run until June 2.

More information is available HERE.

Through the city streets

More tributes fill the streets of Imola. In the main tourist spots in the city center, there are banners displaying the official schedule and LED panels that recreate elements from Senna’s history, such as his helmet and signature. In early March, a press conference with representatives from Formula 1, the Italian government, and Senna Brands announced the calendar of events that will mark the year 2024.

Homenagens em Ímola
Credit: Marco Panieri / reproduction

The official poster for the Emilia-Romagna Formula 1 Grand Prix, held at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Circuit, also pays tribute to Senna’s legacy. The track layout artwork features stripes in the colors of the Brazilian flag, representing the helmet worn by the three-time champion.

Cartaz oficial do GP de Fórmula 1

Throughout his Formula 1 career, Ayrton Senna achieved 5 victories on Italian GPs, with 3 in Imola (88, 89, and 91) and 2 in Monza (90 and 92).

30 anos