Around the world, tributes to celebrate the 30-year legacy of Ayrton Senna had a special moment in São Paulo on Wednesday, May 1st. At the Interlagos racetrack, the heart of motorsport in Brazil, 10,000 people from all regions of the country took part in the 19th edition of the Ayrton Senna Racing Day, a street race held on the track layout. More than just an event for runners, the race became a gathering of fans who share the same admiration for the three-time Formula 1 champion’s history.

The races held over distances of 5K, 10K, and 21K were marked by emotion, from the start with the red lights going out to the moment of arrival with the “Theme of Victory,” a anthem that has become a symbol of the driver’s achievements. Throughout the entire route, including the passage through the famous “S” curve designed by Ayrton himself, fans used flags, caps, themed clothing, and even helmets to demonstrate their love for the idol.

Athletes can check out the photos from the race HERE, simply by identifying their bib number and selecting the album.

Exhibitions and attractions for fans

In the boxes and paddock area, 4 exhibitions recounted the idol’s history, from his beginnings in karting in the 1970s to his consecration in Formula 1, with titles in 1988, 1990, and 1991. One of the spaces displayed original pieces from the pilot’s collection, such as trophies, helmets, and racing suits, as well as personal items and the first kart, which now belong to the family. The Ayrton Senna Institute celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024 and was highlighted in the exhibition, emphasizing its work in 3,000 Brazilian cities and its impact on 36 million students.

“Ayrton’s legacy transcended the tracks and transformed education in Brazil. The Institute is the materialization of his dream to provide more opportunities for children and young people, just as he had,” comments the Institute’s Vice President, Ewerton Fulini.

The multiartist and niece of the three-time champion, Lalalli Senna, brought busts created by her to the public’s attention, which make up the “Our Senna Collection” series: “these pieces came from a request from my grandmother. They are an inspiration for the fans and, for us, the family, it’s a way to connect with ‘Beco’ and remember many special moments,” she states.

One of the most sought-after attractions was the recreation of the 1993 podium, when Ayrton won at Interlagos for the last time. This time, participants could join the pilot and feel the emotion of motorsport’s greatest glory.

Children aged 2 to 12 took part in a children’s race inspired by the adventures of Senninha, a character launched 30 years ago by Ayrton himself to impart positive values to children and help develop motor and socioemotional skills.

More than 20% of the race participants didn’t witness Ayrton on the tracks, yet they still preserve a respect and admiration for the idol. “Ayrton’s legacy lives on in all of us, and as representatives of the Senna brand, we understand the responsibility of perpetuating these inspiring values. That’s why it’s so gratifying to see the racetrack full on this day of remembrance and celebration. All the fans here help us keep Ayrton’s memory alive for future generations,” says Ana Simões, Executive Marketing Director of Senna Brands, the company that integrates the Senna group and is responsible for organizing the event.

The 19th edition of the Ayrton Senna Racing Day is brought to you by Senna Brands, organized by Vega Sports, with sponsorships from Asics, Claro, Guaraná Antarctica, Heineken, Shell, and Audi; supported by Schio, Jaguaré Bananas, Gatorade, and Lindoya; and with institutional support from the Interlagos Racetrack and the São Paulo City Hall.

30 anos