The greatest rivalry in Formula 1 history, the one between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, will come to life in the category’s official game: “F1 2019”. Both drivers will be available in the “Legends Edition: Senna and Prost”, a special edition with lots of bonus content for fans.

The game will be launched on June 25 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In order to make the special edition even better, F1 chose the cars both drivers used in the 1990 season, when Senna won his second title in the category in a face-off against the Frenchman. Gamers will also be able to choose the MP4/5B McLaren and the Ferrari F1-90 in career mode, as well as the drivers.

In 1990, the fight for the world title came to a close when both drivers crashed at the start of the Japanese GP.  This time, the accident benefited the Brazilian – in 1989, he had lost the title in a similarly controversial incident. That year, also at Suzuka, the Frenchman became champion when Senna was disqualified through a backstage maneuver involving jean-Marie Balestre, Prost’s countryman and president of the category at the time.

The F1 2019 game is being developed by Codemasters, who have also created two current F1 cars painted like the iconic helmets worn by Senna and Prost. Gamers will be able to use those cars in the online multiplayer mode.

“’F1 2019 has a strong theme of rivalry running through it, just like the main sport itself. As such, we are absolutely delighted to have resurrected F1’s greatest ever rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alain Pros”, said Paul Jeal, F1 Franchise Director at Codemasters. “Their rivalry began right back in the 1984 season and reached one of the most dramatic ever climaxes on the first lap of the Japanese Grand Prix during the 1990 season. It’s a rivalry which has transcended way beyond the sport and is regarded as the greatest of all time by F1 fans. We know our community will love that the two legends of the sport have finally been immortalised together in our game” adds Jeal.