Coca-Cola’s “2014 Fifa World Cup Trophy Tour”, which started today with a national launching, pays another beautiful tribute to Ayrton Senna in a year marked by the 20th anniversary of his legacy.

The F-1 three-time world champion is featured as the “eternal champion” in the film that celebrates all the Brazilian Champions – including, obviously, soccer stars like players Bebeto and Marta.

Tha campaign is part of Coca-Cola’s effort to bring the 2014 Fifa World Cup’s official trophy to all 27 Brazilian state capitals. The country is going to host he long-awaited soccer tournament starting on June 12th. The first game will be played by Brazil and Croatia at Arena Corinthians, in São Paulo.

The homage is part of the celebrations scheduled for 2014, when the legacy of the unforgettable sports idol turns 20 – as well as Ayrton Senna Institute, which trains 75 thousand teachers and helps 2 million public school students every year.