During the Spanish GP weekend, a very special moment took place outside the Barcelona circuit. In a McLaren promotional event, sponsored by Tag Heuer, Ayrton Senna was depicted in a hologram, alongside his number 12 McLaren Honda, the car with which he won his first world title, in 1988. The three-time champion shared the stage with Fernando Alonso, McLaren`s current driver, who described himself as a fan of the Brazilian.

“He was my idol. I probably became a Formula One driver because of him”, said Alonso to journalists.

In the course of the event, the audience was treated to scenes of Alonso driving Ayrton’s MP4/4, showing a hypothetical duel between the team`s current car (MP4/30), driven by Jenson Button, and the 1988 car, which was recently chosen by Racing Magazine as the best F1 car ever.

In the event that celebrated a 30-year partnership between Tag Heuer and McLaren, Senna`s images and quotes made for a nostalgic and touching presentation. Take a look at the video.

The Ayrton Senna Institute’s Branding Director, Bianca Senna, joined Alonso on the stage, claiming that the McLaren is still
being driven by a great driver.

“Alonso is a very special driver. He has a lot in common with Ayrton – he’s 300% committed to what he wants and to what he does. You can be a racecar driver, but if you don`t have that, it`s going to be hard to become a champion, as he did twice.”

The hologram was created by 4D Emotion, the same company responsible by other famous holograms, like Tupac`s and Cazuza`s. They worked on Ayrton`s hologram for around four months, with the help of Bianca Senna and the Ayrton Senna Institute.