A special tribute was paid to Ayrton Senna last weekend during the F4 round, taking place at Imola. The Brazilian racer Giuliano Raucci, age of 16, had the writings in his car “Doe Letras” (or “Give Letters”), a campaign promoted by Ayrton Senna Institute this month.

“I’m glad to be part of the campaign as well as pay tribute to my idol in such a memorable manner. Since the beginning of the year, the alliance with Ayrton Senna Institute has being a highlight and catching people eyes where it passes in Italy. I’m sure here in Imola it was even more distinctive”, said Raucci.

Last year, over than 20 thousand people were at the so-called “Ayrton Senna Tribute”, which happened in the Italian round at May 1st.

This month, the Ayrton Senna Institute has launched the previous referred campaign “Doe Letras”, enabling the participation of anyone who donates monthly R$30,00 or higher quantity. The donor receives a welcome keychain with a letter of their choice engraved. The donation must be done via the official website: www.DoeLetras.org.br.