Japanese advertising agency Dentsu took home gold at the 2014 annual “One Show” competition, in New York, with a video shot for Honda that features a beautiful tribute to Ayrton Senna.

The short film re-creates the lap with which the Brazilian driver scored the pole-position at Suzuka, in Japan, the place where Senna won his three world titles – all of them racing with Honda engines.

The campaign, named “Sound of Honda”, is based on the 1’38”041 lap Senna did in 1989 to secure his place at the 1989 Japanese Grand-Prix pole-position, using the car’s telemetry – a system that was innovative at the time, but is now common-place in the category.

The team used the data to simulate Senna’s lap with hundreds of speakers and LEDs, lighting the circuit like it was his car racing, exactly the way it did on that pole-position lap, 25 years ago.

Take a look behind the scenes of the campaign on the video below:

And the original video: