Today, the Ayrton Senna Institute received a special visit: the world champion Gabriel Medina, who became the first Brazilian to win the title at the world surfing championship in December 2014 . Gabriel was gifted with a costume board with the colors of Ayrton’s helmet by Senna’s family and the Gillette brand – which, as the athlete revealed, was a major inspiration in his fight for the world’s best athletes.

It was not just Medina that won a great gift today: the surfer gave to Ayrton Senna Institute one lycra t-shirt autographed by him and that was worn in a great moment of his career. The lycra t-shirt was used by Medina in 2011 at the world surfing championship, which he finished first place: ” I won this lycra t-shirt when I won the first stage of the 2011’s world championship, when I joined the elite of surfing. I was the last and I finished first. “