Ayrton Senna’s appetite on the track mirrored his appetite on the table. The tree-time F1 world champion, just like most Brazilians, favored traditional dishes. According to Mrs. Neyde, the driver’s mother, one of her son’s favorites was beef steak with rice, beans and french-fries.

But one of the dishes she used to make most often was pasta al pomodoro. And since today is World Pasta Day, the official website of the driver was able to dig up Ayrton’s favorite pasta recipe. We’ve gotten it from none other than Mrs. Neyde herself.

“He Always liked tagliarni or spaghetti, especially when it was homemade. The sauce was made the Italian way – with olive oil, onions and tomato. I start by covering the bottom of the pan in olive oil, then I sauté the onions, add the peeled tomatoes that I had chopped in four and let it cook. When the olive oil bubbles start rising up, it means the pasta is ready”, tells Mrs. Neyde.

Before the pasta, if possible, Ayrton made sure to eat a big lettuce salad. He was truly the driver of the Brazilian people.