A special statue in honor of Ayrton Senna, three-time Formula 1 world champion, was inaugurated in Poland, near the Museum of Mining and Motorsports in Wałbrzych. The opening ceremony took place last Saturday (18th) and the work was an initiative of Jerzy Mazur, multiple Polish and European champion in various categories, as well as the first Polish in history to cross Dakar’s finish line.

This is not even the first tribute paid to Senna in the Polish city: exactly 6 years ago, a street in honor of the three-time F1 world champion was inaugurated in Wałbrzych.

“For 3 years I have been preparing the event related to the creation and inauguration of the Senna monument, I put all my heart, emotions and energy into it. The monument is a tribute to the best driver of all times and, above all, to the man who helped the most needy, especially children. You can gain fame, more titles, but noticing others is something extraordinary,” says Jerzy Mazur, businessman and curator at the Museum of Mining and Motorsports, which was created over 22 years ago.

The statue in honor of Senna is located on the street that bears his name, next to the museum. Last Saturday’s event also featured the reading of a letter sent by Bianca Senna, CEO of Senna Brands, who emphasized the importance of keeping the legacy of the three-time F1 world champion alive internationally.

“It is with great pride and satisfaction that we receive the news of another beautiful tribute to Ayrton Senna, even more so in a country like Poland, where the passion for the sport is always great, as is the case in Brazil. The Senna family makes a point of praising all the initiatives that seek to leave alive Ayrton’s legacy for the next generations and this work is fundamental”, says Bianca Senna.

The niece of the three-time Formula 1 world champion also spoke about the values ​​that her uncle held and that unites people in times of pandemic.

“That’s why we need partners who are in tune with the values ​​he prioritized so much on and off the slopes, such as determination and resilience. In times of a worldwide pandemic, this inspiration is even more important and on behalf of the Senna family we can only thank you for choosing Ayrton as a source of inspiration for so many young people in Poland”, added Bianca.