The “Ayrton” exhibit has arrived in Turin, Italy, and is ready to welcome those who love motor sports and three-time world champion Ayrton Senna, starting on Thursday (February 5th). Held at ADP Log, owned by former Juventus star Alessandro Del Piero, the exhibit will be a moving experience to fans by highlighting important moments of the Brazilian’s career.

Several historical items from Ayrton’s career will be on display, like helmets, caps and racing suits, not to mention two amazing cars: the 1993 McLaren Ford-MP4/8 and the 1986 Lotus Renault 98T.

There will also be a series of pictures from Ayrton’s career and personal life, displayed in several screens with the highest image quality possible. Visitors will be treated to two floors full of history and entertainment.

When – from February 5th to March 22nd

Where – Turin, Italy

Address ADP LOG – Via Piero Gobetti, 10 – ZIP 101234

Phone #: +39 011 – 2307087