F1 Year Book – 1988


The Formula One Yearbook, published by Francisco Santos at the end of each season used to give the year’s champion the right to write a preface.

Take a look at the prefaces written by Senna:

“I feel doubly honored to be invited by my friend, Francisco Santos, to preface this yearbook. First, for knowing that, traditionally, the preface is always written by the World Champion, and I fortunately made it there. Obviously, this was only possible because I felt motivated by the warmth and the support of millions of Brazilians who followed the 1988 Formula One season. And second, because this is a Brazilian publication, written in my language, and one that is on the same level as the biggest foreign publications in the field. This is due to the dedication and professionalism of impartial and competent journalists who, despite all the obstacles of covering Grand Prixes in several different countries, deliver exceptional work.

I congratulate all the Formula One Yearbook readers, who will certainly acquire a lot more knowledge about the sport I love so much.

Let’s hope I get another invite next year.”