Three-time F1 world Champion Ayrton Senna would be turning 57 years old this Tuesday (March 21). In honor of the greatest driver of all time, the Ayrton Senna institute is launching a video with behind-the-scenes footage of Ayrton Senna  – not only during the Grand Prix weekends, but also in his moments of leisure and fun.

“The Idea behind this homage is to show how intensely Ayrton lived both on and off the track. He was an extremely happy and joyful person when he was surrounded by family and friends. That’s the side of him we remember the most, and we thought it was important to share it with his fans through our new social media channel. It’s a motivational message, inspiring his fans to live as intensely as he did”, says Bianca Senna, Branding Director of the Ayrton Senna institute and the driver’s niece.

The video also brings the message: “In life, no matter what you do, always do the best you can” and the #VivaIntensamente [#LiveIntensely] hashtag. “One of our goals is to carry on Ayrton’s legacy to society. The dedication, the will to overcome of obstacles, the determination and the search for perfection that were his hallmarks keep inspiring all Brazilians and fans all over the world”, adds Bianca.

The Ayrton Senna Institute was founded in 1994 by Viviane Senna, Ayrton’s sister. The organization was based on a dream the F1 champion had: to offer each Brazilian the same opportunities for personal development that he had in life. Currently, the Institute helps millions of children and teenagers in every region of Brazil, by providing quality public education.