During Vespa’s first exhibit in Brazil, organized by the Instituto Italiano di Cultura, an auction will feature the iconic Vespa scooter and a replica of Senna’s helmet, customized by Alan Mosca, son of Sid Mosca, the official designer of the driver’s helmets.

In a partnership with the Instituto Italiano di Cultura, another special event celebrates the 20 years of Ayrton Senna’s legacy. A 1986 PX200 Vespa, customized by Alan Mosca, and a replica of the three-time F1 champion’s official helmet, sporting the driver’s colors, are being shown off around São Paulo and will be auctioned by www.satoleiloes.com.br from June 27th to August 1st. The revenue will go to the Ayrton Senna Institute.

Customized by Alan Mosca, son of Sid Mosca, the official designer of Ayrton Senna’s helmets, the item is currently being displayed at the Maremonte Jardins restaurant, where it stays until July 1st. Then, until August 1st, it will be displayed at the Global Scooters dealership, the Maremonti Alphaville restaurant, and the Fnac Paulista store.

An interesting aspect of Senna’s life is his relationship with the famous Piaggio scooters, the Vespas. Featured in movies, a symbol of women’s liberation and a design icon, the Italian brand created, in the ‘80s, the “Piaggio Vespa Pole Position Trophy”, which awarded a brand-new Vespa to the driver who scored the pole position at each Formula One Grand Prix. As part of that marketing strategy, in 1985, they launched the T5 “Pole Position” model, a sport version of the PX125 Vespa. Ayrton took home more than 50 of them.

The initiative is officially endorsed by the Ayrton Senna Institute, an organization that aims to improve public education in Brazil. It benefits 2 million children and teenagers each year, in more than 1,300 cities all over Brazil.