Senna Brand has announced a new partnership with The Topps Company, which will for the first time ever produce exclusive cards of Ayrton Senna: the three-time Formula 1 world champion.

Topps, which is the cornerstone sports trading card brand of Fanatics, a leading global digital sports platform, will produce a range of collectible products showcasing achievements, special moments and unique behind-the-scenes imagery for Senna fans across the world to collect.

“Senna Brand is excited about the partnership with Topps, even more so because together we will create our first series of licensed cards says Bianca Senna, CEO of Senna Brand. “Together with Topps, we offer a new way to relive and collect Ayrton’s best moments and values. We share a common vision of innovation in the collectibles space, and the launch of Topps Official Trading Cards will be a key part of this strategy”.

Commenting on the new deal, Mark Catlin, General Manager of International Sport and Entertainment at Topps, said: “We are extremely excited, proud and honored to be granted the opportunity to work with such a prestigious and iconic brand that remains the legacy of one of the most amazing drivers and individuals of all time. Having the ability to bring everything that Ayrton Senna stood for, aligned with the incredible community work that is still done by Senna Brands and his family, fits perfectly with our vision to globally produce products for a whole new generation of Senna fans”.

“We are honored to be partnering with Senna Brands and to be able to bring high quality collectibles to consumers featuring such a legendary driver. The Senna product portfolio will be aimed at fans of all ages. Ayrton, the most iconic Formula 1 driver of all time, his achievements, special moments and access to unique behind the scenes imagery will be recorded forever in the collectible items that will be produced by Topps” added Esteban Romiti, General Manager Latin America Sports and Entertainment at Topps.

“Ayrton Senna’s legacy is celebrated all over the planet, and the partnership with Topps will enable fans from different corners of the world to be thrilled by a collection of historic moments from Ayrton’s motorsport career, especially in Formula 1”, adds Bianca Senna.

“The announcement of the partnership with Topps brings an important addition to the Senna brand’s ecosystem of partners, reinforcing our performance in the domestic market and further expanding our international presence. Collectable items have been a strong category for us for more than 30 years and this alliance with Topps will further consolidate our portfolio and we are sure that those who will gain the most from this partnership are Ayrton’s fans around the world,” said Thiago Fernandes, Director of Senna Brand.

Topps is part of Fanatics Collectibles which was launched in 2021, after securing exclusive, long-term trading cards rights from several leading players associations and professional sports leagues. Topps was founded in 1938 and quickly became known precisely for the production of collectible items, gaining prominence in the 1950s, when it began marketing Mickey Mantle cards, one of the most important baseball players in the United States.