Collaboration between Embraer and Senna produces 22 limited-edition units that combine aerospace technology with refined private aircraft design, emphasizing extreme engineering, comfort and precision.

Ayrton Senna’s excellence and winning spirit on the track has always reverberated the driver’s name to the most diverse areas. This time, the collaboration between two global brands, Embraer and Senna Brands, took that essence a step further. The aerospace manufacturer, jointly with Senna Brands, created an exclusive office chair that takes “drive your truth” to the next level: the Senna Cockpit.

Foto: divulgação/Marca Senna

Developed with aerospace and track technology typically only found in each respective industry, Embraer and Senna have now disrupted the modern furniture industry through an office chair that provides a gravity-defying experience like no other. The Senna Cockpit combines materials seen inside the most legendary F1 racing cars and aircraft interiors, taking advantage of the most high-quality materials available for furniture design. Engineered to be an aerospace office chair and inspired by Embraer’s “PULSE” aircraft concept, the Senna Cockpit shifts the paradigm for how modern office furniture should look and feel.

With only 22 units produced worldwide, the Senna Cockpit will treat a select few to an unparalleled experience of engineering excellence. The chair utilizes materials such as full-grain leather, machined aluminum and graphene-reinforced carbon fiber, something unheard of in furniture production today.

Foto: divulgação/Marca Senna

Just as Ayrton Senna used to fly on the track, the Senna Cockpit has the power to float and rotate within its own base, mirroring the movement seen onboard Embraer executive aircraft. The series pays tribute to Ayrton Senna’s victory at the 1986 Detroit Grand Prix on the 22nd of June, hence the limited series including exactly “22” chairs. The race was famous for being the first time that the driver raised the Brazilian flag while still inside his Formula 1 car.

“Ayrton was very passionate and determined. He was in a constant search for the best version of himself, on and off the tracks. Inspired by his mindset, the Senna Brand seeks to sign products that can improve people’s performance and lifestyle. When we entered this project with Embraer, our only certainty was that the Senna Cockpit had to be different, innovative and with technology that only our brands could offer: a “real cockpit” for business leaders to make their best decisions. The final product represents the entire history of Senna and Embraer, after all, both excelled in their fields,” says Bianca Senna, CEO of Senna Brands.

Foto: divulgação/Marca Senna

All details in the Senna Cockpit were carefully thought out and designed to bring sophistication, innovation, and exclusivity. Senna’s iconic “S” appears on the headrest as well as on the back of the chair. The three-time world champion’s last name is also placed in the base of the equipment, highlighting the strength of Senna Brand, which represents Ayrton Senna’s values and characteristics. It combines maximum performance and the search for perfection. With this executive chair, Senna Brand expands its product portfolio and increases its footprint in various market segments.

The Senna Cockpit blends the navy-blue upholstery with golden seams and finishing. The chair also has the detail of having Ayrton’s helmet colors on the label, measuring 1.22 m high, 47 cm wide in the backrest, 66 cm in the base and weighing 37 kg.

Embraer is a leading manufacturer of executive, commercial and defense aircraft. To create the Senna Cockpit, the partners were inspired by the idea that aircraft of the future could inspire furniture today. Whether 40,000 feet in the air, on the track, or behind a desk, the Senna Cockpit helps propel today’s leaders into tomorrow. The development of the Senna Cockpit was founded on the manufacturing partnership between Embraer and Metalcrafters Transparencies and Composites, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced automotive and aerospace components.