In the month Ayrton Senna would have turned 63, the Senna family, Senna Brands, YDreams Global and Lalalli Studios are unveiling a new tourist attraction at the Interlagos Race Track: the “Nosso Senna” (Our Senna) circuit. The circuit, which will be unveiled to the public between March 2nd and 5th, is a family-friendly space that celebrates the legacy of the three-time Formula 1 world champion and one of the greatest idols in the country’s history.

The artistic and interactive set Nosso Senna will be located inside Sector A, one of the main grandstands of the Interlagos Race Track, in São Paulo (SP). Through technological and interactive activities, the space highlights Senna’s achievements during his 11 seasons in the F1, between 1984 and 1994, and has as the “icing on the cake” the bust of Ayrton Senna, also named Nosso Senna, made by Lalalli Senna, a multiplatform artist and the driver’s niece, after an order from Ayrton’s mother, Madam Neyde.

3.5 meters high and weighing 550 kilos, the polished and faceted aluminum sculpture arrived at the race track during the week of the São Paulo Formula 1 Grand Prix, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Grand Prix in Brazil. And now the public will have the opportunity to visit the work up close for free.

“I am happy to finally be able to make the complete release of this project as idealized by the family, with the official opening of the sculpture to the public, and of the circuits of interactive stations that we planned with so much care for Ayrton’s fans and supporters. This project came from an order from Ayrton’s own mother, to make the ‘Beco’, the Ayrton we know as a family, tangible to the artistic language, which was a great challenge. Then we decided as a family to expand the project and share it with the fans who were always by his side. Ayrton was a figure admired by many people, for having represented so well the luminous aspects of Brazil with grit, strength, and winning in the right way. My idea is that people also see themselves in his image, as part of this luminous and winning Brazil, because he exists in each one of us. Besides, the public figure ‘Ayrton Senna do Brasil’ was formed with the affection of the people who cheered for him. And this is reflected in the materiality and meaning of the work,” says Lalalli Senna.

Born on March 21, 1960, Ayrton Senna grew up in São Paulo’s North Zone and since his childhood had an intrinsic connection with the Interlagos Race Track. It was inside the complex, at the kart track, which currently honors the driver with its name, that Senna took his first steps towards the main racing categories. In 1991 and 1993, in F1, Senna won two of the most unforgettable victories of his career at Interlagos.

But it was also off the track that Senna showed how much he loved Brazilians, and even today his stories are remembered and admired. Ayrton is respected for his attitudes, personality, charisma, and actions that made him transcend the sport.

Nosso Senna Circuit

Considered a new touristic and cultural spot in the city of São Paulo, the “Nosso Senna” Circuit features QR-Codes that enable visitors to access Ayrton Senna’s statements, memorable facts and photos of his career, and even a playlist of his favorite songs, which include artists such as Milton Nascimento, Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Legião Urbana, Dire Straits, The Beatles, Genesis, and Pink Floyd. Adults and children can be moved and get closer to the eternal reference that is the driver, whose legacy has been remembered for 28 years.

Another interactive experience connects with Senna’s ability to drive on wet tracks. And in honor of the “King of Rains”, on the floor of the space, some motivational phrases, written with a special ink, can only be seen when they come into contact with water, such as on rainy days or by pouring a little liquid on these specific points.

CEO of Senna Brands and Ayrton Senna’s niece, Bianca Senna highlighted the importance of the Nosso Senna Circuit to remember her uncle’s stories: “This space is special because it helps bring the young public closer to Ayrton’s history and legacy. Many people were not able to see Senna racing at the race track or even on TV, so our goal is to increasingly rescue his achievements, his human side, and bring back a little of what our family could experience alongside Ayrton,” says Bianca.

Besides the messages that recall the importance of Ayrton Senna for the history of motor racing, the circuit also reserves some time for interaction. With the game “Caça Vitórias” (Victory Hunt), opened in the browser of each cell phone through a QR-Code, visitors must find 11 plaques scattered around the place that correspond to his 11 years of experience in Formula 1. In all, his 41 victories will be presented in animated videos, which contain short texts about the respective best moments and voiceovers for accessibility.

“The Nosso Senna circuit is not only a gift to São Paulo, but to the entire Brazilian population. Ayrton Senna won world recognition and the hearts of many generations. So, with the project and technology, we want all visitors, both those who saw Ayrton on the track and those who were not yet born, to understand more why Ayrton is called a Hero,” says Karina Israel, CEO of YDreams Global.

Now the public has the chance to see Lalalli’s work at a free exhibition and be impressed by the grandiosity of the sculpture in a 360° aerial film, which can be accessed at the project’s inauguration plaque. Also, between March 2 and 5, the initiative will make available a panel to show the documentary Ayrton Senna Sculpture – Urban Art #NossoSenna, which explains the process of building the bust. Both videos will be available on the project’s website.

“Many people have been asking me when and how they could visit the work, and now it has finally been officially released, and the idea is that whenever the circuit is open to the public, people can come to see the bust and have fun with the interactive stations. Now it is for real!”, adds Lalalli Senna.

Nosso Senna Workshop

To accompany the sporting atmosphere of the Nosso Senna set, also from March 2nd to 5th, the space promotes the Cause Effect SP Art, by art educator Luis Birigui, with free workshops to customize bicycle helmets. Students from invited schools and the general public will be able to give a new look to helmets through the use of sprays, special pens, and urban art painting techniques.

The workshops will last about an hour each, with a total of 25 students per session. All the materials used will be offered free of charge, and the participants will be able to take their helmets home.

Check out the days and times of the workshops below:

Helmet Customization:

When: March 2 to 4 (Thursday to Saturday) – workshops for students from invited schools; March 5 (Sunday) – workshops open to the public and subject to capacity

Classes: 4 classes per day, one in the morning and three in the afternoon

Class schedule: Group 1 (10am-11pm); Group 2 (11am-12pm); Group 3 (2-3pm); Group 4 (3-4pm)

Limit: 25 people per group – 100 places per day

Service: Nosso Senna

When: from March 4, 2023

Place: Interlagos Race Track (Perimetral Park of Interlagos Race Track) – São Paulo (SP) – Brazil

*On March 4th and 5th, the entrance will be through gate A. Other days, access will be through gate 7

Visitation: Every day, from 8am to 6pm. Visitation is allowed on days when there are no races, festivals or other closed events at the site. We recommend, before visiting, that you call the track to confirm that the space is not closed for events.

Admission: free of charge


Incentive to Culture Law

Organizers: YDreams

Trusteeship: Senna Brands and Lalalli

Sponsor: Visa

Support: GPS, Cantu Store and Banco Safra