At the start of the 1994 season, Ayrton Senna and Sylvester Stallone had an informal conversation about the possibility of the actor playing the three-time world champion on the silver screen

As a fan of Stallone and his most famous movie, Rocky, Ayrton called the American movie star. Stallone still considers the Brazilian one of the greatest athletes ever, and talked about his conversation with Senna in this video:

“Senna was one of the great drivers of all time, and he wanted me to do his life story (in the movies). So we were speaking many years ago, on the phone, and he goes, “I think it would be really good, and I like your films.” And I go, “Thank you very much.” We spoke a lot, by phone. He goes: “Let me show you the colors. It’s very much like Rocky’s colors. It’s yellow and black, and so on and so forth.” And so he sent this to me. Of course, I had never seen a helmet like this. And then, unfortunately he died, in this horrible crash. But this is what he sent me and it’s been sitting in my house for about 15 years. And it’s wonderful”, says the actor.

In 2016, Stallone is back in the spotlight after to the success of “Creed”, in which he plays Rocky again, 40 years after the character’s debut, now training the son of his former rival and dear friend, Apollo Creed. He has already taken home a best supporting actor Golden Globe, one of the most prestigious awards in American cinema, and he was also nominated for an Oscar in the same category. “Creed” is playing in theatres worldwide.

Even though the film about Ayrton Senna was never made, Stallone did star in “Driven” (2001), playing an Indy Racing driver.