The Olympic Athlete Day is celebrated annually on June 23rd, in commemoration of the 1984 International Olympic Committee (IOC) . The three-time Formula 1 world champion Ayrton Senna had a profile of determination and focus, being an inspiration for many athletes.

On this June 23, we recall some of Senna’s motivational quotes, which are still highlighted by athletes. Inclusive, some are in our filter on Instagram, use @oficialayrtonsenna and @sennabrand.

Here are 10 motivational quotes:

1 – The second is nothing more than the first of losers.

2 – If you want to be successful, you need to have total dedication, seek your ultimate limit and give your best.

3 – Whoever you are, whatever social position you have in life, the highest or the lowest, always have as a goal a lot of strength, a lot of determination, and always do everything with a lot of love, that one day you’ll get there. Somehow you get there.

4 – I don’t know how to drive any other way than the risky way. When I have to overtake, I really will. Each driver has his own limit. Mine is a little higher than the others.

5 – Winning is what matters. The rest is the consequence.

6 – When it comes to commitment, effort, dedication, there is no middle ground. Either you do something well or you don’t.

7 – Fear is part of our lives. Some people do not know how to face it, others – I think I am among them – learn to live with it and face it not as a negative thing, but as a feeling of self-preservation.

8 – Fear fascinates me.

9 – In adversity, some give up, while others exceed records.

10 – Winning without taking risks is triumph without glory!