Canadian Grand Prix – 1985


During each qualifying session of that season, the powerful 1200cv Renault turbo engine performed very well. So much so that it allowed the Lotus twosome (Elio de Angelis in pole position and Ayrton Senna in second) to secure the first row of that beautiful and difficult Canadian Grand Prix circuit.

If the Brazilian driver’s worry was to make his Toleman go faster, certainly this was not the case with the Lotus.

However, the engine was less stable during races and became a problem. Isle of Notre Dame was no different. De Angelis came in fifth place, and Ayrton Senna endured another let down.

The engine lasted through 66 of the 70 laps. Already out of the race, Ayrton Senna stayed and watched as Ferrari, with the twosome Michele Alboreto e Stefan Johansson, won the race.

Before the engine failure however, Ayrton Senna secured the best lap of the race and, with it, broke the track record, with 1:27.455 on the 45th lap. This historic score was consolation for the Brazilian driver.

Resumo da Corrida

  • 1 E. de Angelis
  • 2 Ayrton Senna
  • 3 M. Alboreto
  • 4 S. Johansson
  • 5 A. Prost
  • 6 D. Warwick
  • 7 T. Boutsen
  • 8 K. Rosberg
  • 9 N. Piquet
  • 10 P. Tambay
  • 11 E. Cheever
  • 12 G. Berger
  • 13 R. Patrese
  • 14 M. Winkelhock
  • 15 A. de Cesaris
  • 16 N. Mansell
  • 17 N. Lauda
  • 18 T. Fabi
  • 19 J. Laffite
  • 20 M. Surer
  • 21 P. Alliot
  • 22 P. Ghinzani
  • 23 S. Bellof
  • 24 M. Brundle
  • 25 P. Martini
Voltas 70
Tempo Nublado
Volta mais rápida A. Senna - 1´27´´445
Podium 1º M. Alboreto 2º S. Johansson 3º A. Prost
Carros 25
Abandonos 8