British Grand Prix – 1986


Many teams may call the British Grand Prix their home, but one team in particular was feeling like they were in their own backyard.

It was Williams (Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell) which dominated the qualifying sessions and lined up it’s drivers in the front positions for the race. Nelson Piquet was in pole position.

Despite obtaining third position, Ayrton Senna planned to fight for first position in Brands Hatch. His plan was to start off strong and put pressure on the front drivers.

Soon after the start, he passed Mansell and began to pressure Piquet. He left his compatriot behind on the Druidas hairpin and set off to win. However, a red flag cancelled the start off, due to a serious accident. Four drivers had to retire, but the driver in the worst shape was Jacques Laffite (Ligier) who had fractured both legs and could never again compete in the F1.

On the second start off for the race, Senna battled for the lead with Piquet and Mansell, but was stopped when his gearbox broke on lap 27.  He watched as the English rejoiced.

Resumo da Corrida

  • 1 N. Piquet
  • 2 N. Mansell
  • 3 Ayrton Senna
  • 4 G. Berger
  • 5 K. Rosberg
  • 6 A. Prost
  • 7 T. Fabi
  • 8 R. Arnoux
  • 9 D. Warwick
  • 10 J. Drumfries
  • 11 M. Brundle
  • 12 M. Alboreto
  • 13 T. Boutsen
  • 14 A. Jones
  • 15 R. Patrese
  • 16 P. Streiff
  • 17 P. Tambay
  • 18 S. Johansson
  • 19 J. Laffite
  • 20 A. Nannini
  • 21 A. de Cesaris
  • 22 J. Palmer
  • 23 C. Danner
  • 24 P. Ghinzani
  • 25 H. Rothengatter
  • 26 A. Berg
Voltas 75
Tempo Ensolarado
Volta mais rápida N. Mansell - 1´09´´593
Podium 1º N. Mansell 2º N. Piquet 3º A. Prost
Carros 26
Abandonos 16

Senna na corrida

Posição de largada 3
Posição final Abandonou (27ª volta)
Melhor volta 1’14’’024
Pontos somados para o Campeonato -
Posição no Campeonato após a prova 3
O que disse após a prova
“I returned to the boxes because I thought that the problem was in the gearbox. Actually, it was the fourth gear which had broken.”