British Grand Prix – 1992


After qualifying, Senna spoke with his father over the telephone:

“Guess what my starting position will be? That’s right: pole position. But behind Williams.”

His disappointment wasn’t only starting behind Mansell and Patrese, but knowing that this was as close to them as he could get with his McLaren.

Because of this, he admitted that he was negotiating with Williams and Ferrari, emphasizing however:

“I’m not turning my back on McLaren. I’m looking for the best package for 1993.”

A home race for Mansell, he gave a great performance, leading from start to finish and setting the fastest lap of the race. Senna maintained third, but retired on the 52nd lap because of transmission problems.

Resumo da Corrida

  • 1 N. Mansell
  • 2 R. Patrese
  • 3 Ayrton Senna
  • 4 M. Schumacher
  • 5 G. Berger
  • 6 M. Brundle
  • 7 J. Herbert
  • 8 J. Alesi
  • 9 M. Hakkinen
  • 10 E. Comas
  • 11 B. Gachot
  • 12 M. Alboreto
  • 13 T. Boutsen
  • 14 I. Capelli
  • 15 G. Tarquini
  • 16 U. Katayama
  • 17 A. Suzuki
  • 18 A. de Cesaris
  • 19 J. Lehto
  • 20 O. Grouillard
  • 21 K. Wendlinger
  • 22 P. Martini
  • 23 S. Modena
  • 24 M. Gugelmin
  • 25 G. Morbidelli
  • 26 D. Hill
Volta mais rápidaN. Mansell - 1´22´´539
Podium 1º N. Mansell 2º R. Patrese 3º M. Brundle

Senna na corrida

Posição de largada3
Posição finalAbandonou (52º volta)
Melhor volta1’25’’825
Pontos somados para o Campeonato-
Posição no Campeonato após a prova5
O que disse após a prova
“I’m not turning my back on McLaren. I’m looking for the best package for 1993.” (admitting to conversations with Ferrari and Williams)
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