16 July 1983.

Qualifying: 1:26,57 (3); 1:26.13(1). Pole.

Result: First

Senna tested before the meeting and the car was “much more consistent”. After the first session, the team changed the set-up and he took the pole by 0.04.

Brundle accelerated fractionally ahead but Senna took the inside at Copse and wielded The Tactic. He rattled and rode the kerbs, Brundle hanging on. After two laps, the gap stood at a second, Brundle reasoning that because he hadn’t taken the lead he’d follow for 10 laps to see if Senna’s tyres went off.

They drew away from the main bunch but Brundle was briefly baulked by a back-marker and, a lap later, Brundle lost more time when Senna thrust inside two back-markers at the chicane, obliging Brundle to follow them. It created a gap Brundle could not close.

You are entitled to wonder if Senna came upon these back-markers and simply despatched them or if he calculated precisely when to overtake them, knowing Brundle must thread through the chicane behind them. Certainly Senna did this in Formula 1, another tactic.

• Podium: Senna 28m 59.55s, Brundle at 1,61,Fish at 19.03.

• Fastest lap: Senna

• Championship: Senna 99, Brundle 79, Jones 45.