6 August 1983.

Qualifying: 57.38 (2); 57.43 (1). Front row.

Pole: Brundle 57.04.

Result: Retired after 28 laps, accident.

Senna crashed heavily in testing on Thursday – the rear stub axle failed at Druids – and that brought extensive work before Saturday qualifying.

After the first session, Senna confessed that the car was “very difficult to drive. Very dangerous. I couldn’t drive it to the limit. “The eather warmed for second qualifying, precluding improvement despite a “heart-stopping” moment when he braked too late. Brundle and Senna went hard and banged wheels. Maybe that set the tone.

Brundle led Senna by a whisker crossing the line to complete the opening lap but Brundle had problems braking. They moved like a concertina. On lap 28 Senna decided to make a move. “I went right up his gearbox into Cascades and I was going much quicker than him. I braked late and went for the inside. I’m sure he didn’t see me and he closed in on me when we were already going into the corner.” They met, Senna’s car riding over Brundle’s as they came to rest off the circuit. The heat was burning now.

• Podium: Fish. Jones, Berg,

• Fastest lap: Senna

• Championship: Senna 107, Brundle 88, Jones 55.