29 August 1983.

Qualifying: 53.18 (1); 53.43 (2). Pole.

Result: First.

Senna managed a couple of days testing with the repaired car. “It is exactly the same as the last race here.” Is it perfect? “No, no but quite close. I can’t see any way to make it much better. The others are catching up. The cars are very evenly matched.” This is the first recorded instance of Senna speaking publicly of perfection and how elusive that might be.

His judgement about the cars being matched was confirmed in first qualifying with the top six recording laps of 53 seconds and doing it again in the second session.

Senna forced a small lead from Brundle by Copse before they reached “stalemate, “Senna tretching on the straight (this the Club circuit) to prevent Brundle trying a move at Woodcote.

• Podium: Senna 27m 02.45s. Brundle at 1.44. Jones at 2.83.

• Fastest lap: Jones

• Championship: Senna 116, Brundle 94, Jones 60.