2 October 1983.

Qualifying: 1:30.62 (4); 1:35.44(1). Row 2.

Pole: Jones 1:29.16.

Result: Second.

The real heat now. Drizzle fell at the beginning of the first session and Jones, emerging from the pits immediately, set a time. Senna, towards the back of a line of cars coming out, only reached the track as Jones completed his lap. The drizzle hardened and it was already too late.

On Senna’s second lap, he lost control at Abbey. The car spun wildly across the track and nudged the barrier backwards. No improvement in the second session in the wet. “There was no point in trying really hard but I kept going. The car was OK but not really good”. Jones crept the start and missed the third gear, Brundle into the lead from Senna. At half distance, the gap was no more than 1.5 seconds. They lapped back-markers and Senna drew up. On the last lap, he made a lunge at Becketts but rather than risk another crash tucked in behind again. Advantage Brundle.

• Podium: Brundle 28m55s23, Senna at 0.64.Jones at 17.16.

• Fastest lap: Brundle.

•Championship: Brundle 123. Senna 122.Jones 71.