3 March 1983.

Qualifying: 1:13.46(1); 1:19.22 (2).

Grid: Pole Position

Result: First

Before this race, Senna tested at Donington and on the full Silverstone Grand Prix circuit and beat the records at both. Now in the first session he broke the record here, and against the 1:13.46 Brundle could come no nearer than 1:13.99. Senna judged the car “not very good. I think it would be possible to make it much better with more time”.

The second session was wet, the first time Senna had driven Formula 3 in such conditions and Brundle did a 1:19.15, quickest. The rain stopped before the race and although Senna made a lovely, lovely start – everything right – Brundle matched him and stayed with him. “I could see that I was faster through the corners but I also knew that I had to conserve my tyres. Whoever could make their tyres last longer would win.”Senna gained in the corners, Brundle regained on the straights.”My engine would not pull more than 5,600revs,” Senna said. He maximised the art of the possible from that.

•        Podium: Senna 26m 26.31s, Brundle at 0.83.Mario Hytten at 47.94.

•        Fastest lap: Brundle.

•        Championship: Senna 19, Brundle 13, Hytten 6.