27 March 1983.

 Qualifying: 1:19.66 (1); 1:18.06 (1).

Grid: Pole position

 Result: First

Drizzle for the first session and Senna had new Avon wet tyres, which evidently the Jordan team couldn’t afford. In the afternoon, dry, Senna and Brundle traded times in the last 10  minutes but Senna by 0.13. “It was terrible out there, it was like you were driving on oil all the way”.

Dry for the race, Senna and Brundle level but Senna inside for the long Redgate horseshoe and ahead. By lap 4, he’d magnified that to a couple of seconds. Brundle’s fourth and fifth gears kept jumping out and he had to hold the lever. It gave him no chance.

•        Podium: Senna 23m 23.35s, Brundle at 5.63, Jones at 6.36.

•        Fastest lap: Senna and Jones (1m 09.52).

•        Championship: Senna 39, Brundle 25, Jones 12.