30 May 1983.

Qualifying: 53.05 (1); 53.39 (2).

Grid: Pole position

Result: First

Senna covered a lot of fast laps in first qualifying, dipping below his own record. He’d been to Brazil again but working for his sponsors, not on holiday.

At the green light, he moved decisively and by Copse seemed to have the race at his mercy. Leslie followed him through Copse but his clutch failed and Brundle suffered extreme oversteer. On lap 3 Senna led by two seconds and simply (if you can put it like that) increased it over the 30 laps.

• Podium: Senna 27m 00.98s. Brundle at 10.10.Berg at 22.49.

• Fastest lap: Senna

• Championship: Senna 88, Brundle 54, Jones 28.