On a June 13, in Canada, Ayrton Senna scored one of his tighter and most heroic and pole positions in F1. In 1992, the McLaren driver overcame the Williams-Renaults driven by Nigel Mansell and Riccardo Patrese with a time of 1min19s775, 0s097 faster than the Italian driver’s, securing the 61st pole position in his career. It was an incredible feat, considering the clear superiority of Williams’ cars that season.

Before that “flying lap” in 1992, Ayrton had already secured five other pole positions with even less time to spare than the one in Montreal. Take a look back:

1- San Marino, 1985

Ayrton Senna’s second pole position in F1 was also the tightest one in his career. Driving a Lotus, the Brazilian posted a time of 1min27s327, being just 0s027 faster than Finn Keke Rosberg, driving a Williams.

2- Canada, 1990

In the beginning of the 1990 season, McLaren’s dominance was complete, and Senna’s only competition was Gerhard Berger, his teammate. At the qualifying rounds, in Montreal, Ayrton secured the 46th pole position in his career with a time of 1min20s399, 0s066 quicker than the Austrian’s.

3- Spain, 1988

Senna’s third tightest pole position in F1 took place at Jerez, in Spain – the same place where, two years prior, he had won over Nigel Mansell in spectacular fashion, by just 0s014. In the 1988 season, Senna and Prost were fighting over each thousandth of a second in pursuit of the title. In the session that would determine their positions on the grid, Ayrton completed his quickest lap in 1min24s067, 0s067 quicker than the Frenchman. It was his 27th pole position in F1, and his 11th in the season he won his first world title.

4- Monaco, 1985

The Principality of Monaco is one of the most iconic places in Ayrton Senna’s career, given his six wins and the second-place finish in 1984’s downpour, when the Brazilian was a Toleman driver. In 1985 – this time driving a Lotus – the Brazilian secured the first of his five pole positions at Monte Carlo. With a time of 1min20s450, Ayrton closed out his quickest lap in the qualifying sessions just 0s085 ahead of William’s Nigel Mansell. It was the third pole position in his career.

5- San Marino, 1991

The Racetrack Enzo e Dino Ferrari was the stage of the biggest number of Airton Senna’s pole positions in F-1: a total of eight. In 1991, Senna had the best season beginning of his the career. He won and made pole position the four races that opened the year. One of them was in Ímola, with 0s080 of advantage to Williams of Riccardo Patrese in the qualify. The lap of 1min21s877 gave the brazilian his 55ª pole position in F-1.