Senna Day Festival, the greatest tribute to the 25th anniversary of the legacy left by Ayrton Senna, took place last Wednesday, May 1st, at the Interlagos Raceway. Attended by 15 thousand people, several drivers, government authorities, celebrities and guests, it featured many attractions to the public in all areas of the raceway complex.

On the main stage, Viviane Senna, the driver’s sister, and Bianca Senna, Ayrton’s niece, thanked the public and saluted everyone. One of the most moving moments was the exhibition of the #MyAyrton video, featuring Mrs. Neyde – Ayrton Senna’s mother – reminiscing about his son. The institutional campaign #MyTeacherMyIdol was also launched at the Senna Day Festival.

The event had go-kart heats, activities for children and an exhibit with historical items that belonged to the driver. Almost 7 thousand people took part in the runs and walks. The starting line was on Laranjinha corner and people chanted in honor of Senna before the start.

Petrolheads could also enjoy the McLaren Senna, the first sports supercar built under the Senna brand. The machine was on display in the iconic colors of the car Ayrton drove to win his three F1 world titles (1988, 1990 and 1991).

The McLaren Senna was driven by Sérgio Sette Câmara, Cacá Bueno and Rubens Barrichello in a series of flying laps. At the VIP lounge, guests had the chance to enter a special simulator to take a virtual lap narrated by Ayrton Senna. The action was created by Motion Sphere and was sponsored by Heineken®.

At the go-kart track, 30 drivers took part in an endurance race of about two hours, with journalists and guests also entering the rotation.

There were also many musical attractions at the event: Daniel, Léo Chaves, Daniela Mercury, Saulo, Wilson Sideral, Tiquequê and Robson Miguel, besides O Baile do Bem group, known by its tribute to Jorge Ben Jor and Tim Maia that fuses Samba Rock and Soul Music.

Other artists were also on the stage on May 1st, such as Sandra de Sá, Negra Li, Saulo, Di Ferrero, Milton Guedes, Wilson Sideral, Pe Lu, Brian Cohen, Xuxa and lyrical singer Carmen Monarca. As a Brazilian representative in international tours with André Rieu and his Orchestra, Carmen stepped on the stage alongside Claus and Vanessa, a promising young duo from Brazil that was named best band in Orlando, Florida, by the Focus Brazil Awards in 2018.

The little ones were welcomed at the Senninha Racing Day. Judo fighter Tiago Camilo held a judo workshop for kids, while Pedro Miranda, who was a hit on The Voice Kids, and clown Casuo, entertained kids and were heavily applauded in a day full of activities.

Check out some of the drivers who attended the Senna Day Festival:

1. Cacá Bueno (Stock Car)

2. Marcel Coletta (Stock Car)

3. Ricardo Mauricio (Stock Car)

4. Max Wilson (Stock Car)

5. Gaetano di Mauro (Stock Car)

6. Tuka Rocha (Stock Car)

7. Sergio Sette Câmara (F2)

8. Felipe Giaffone (Truck)

9. Beto Monteiro (Truck)

10. Débora Rodrigues (Truck)

11. Renato Martins (Truck)

12. Roberval Andrade (Truck)

13. Alberto Catucci (Truck)

14. Pedro Boesel (Stock Light)

15. Enzo Bortoletto (Stock Light)

16. João Rosate (Stock Light)

17. Pietro Rimbano (Stock Light)

18. Luciano Viscardi (HB20)

19. Thiago Ribeiri (HB20)

20. Murilo Colleta (Posche)

21. Matheus Colleta (Porsche)

22. Stuart Turvey (Endurance)

23. Gerson Campos (Sprint Race)

24. Cassio Cortes (Sprint Race)

25. Ricardo Gracia (WSK)

26. Gabriel Bortoleto (WSK)

27. Julia Ayoub (WSK)

28. Rafael Câmara (WSK)

29. Daniel Ramalho (WSK)

30. Stuart Turvey (Endurance)