Montegrappa, the most revered manufacturer of fine writing implements, announces a new series of commemorative pens in honor of Ayrton Senna.

The pens will be featured in Montegrappa’s successful “Icons” writing implements series, which pays tribute to globally-recognized individuals who have achieved greatness in a variety of fields, including music, movies and sports. Previous editions have honored Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

To honor Senna in 2014 and celebrate the 20th year of his legacy, Montegrappa will manufacture a series of pens that encapsulates his personality, whether in terms of competitive spirit or in terms of style.

A yellow cabochon at the top of the cap reminds of the color of his helmet, and the green accents evoke shades of the Brazilian flag. The writing “Ayrton Senna da Silva March 21, 1960 – May 1, 1994″ is engraved around the top of the cap, and the legendary driver’s signature is displayed in bright red on the side of the cap. The rings on both ends of the cap are engraved with a tire’s tread design. The clip is shaped like an F-1 car, with Senna’s “double S” logo displayed on its rear wing.

The barrel features two crossed checkered flags in low-relief. And, on their back, the dates of the champion’s three F-1 world titles can be found.

Ayrton Senna Icons pens are presented in exclusive cases, and will be offered fountain pens, roller balls and ballpoints in jet-black resin in a series of 1960 pieces each to mark the year of his birth. A solid sterling silver edition with cap and barrel engraved in low-relief will be available in a limited edition of 610 examples each as fountain pens and roller balls, representing his tally of championship points.

To complete the collection, there is an exclusive solid gold version comprised of 20 fountain pens and 20 roller balls, which represent his career of 20 years as a racing driver. Part of the revenue from the sales will be reverted to Ayrton Senna Institute.