The 14º Grand Prix de Monaco Historique on the streets of the traditional Monte Carlo circuit witnessed the meeting of the Senna family with the Prince of Monaco. Prince Albert II invited Ayrton Senna’s nephews, Bruno, Bianca, and Lalalli, to participate in the award ceremony of the race held on the historic circuit, established in 1929, where the Brazilian driver holds the record with six victories.

Prior to the Grand Prix, contested with historic cars from the premier category of world motorsport, Bruno Senna took Prince Albert II for a lap around the circuit in his McLaren Senna. Albert II raised the Principality’s flag, a gesture reminiscent of Ayrton Senna’s way of celebrating his victories.

Lalalli Senna also presented the GP winner with a sculpture from Nosso Senna Collection, the “Champion Edition,” and gifted Prince Albert II with a unique-sized and modeled sculpture, specially crafted for this occasion. The piece was presented to Albert II as a gift and will become part of the collection at the new Automobile Club of Monaco museum, which has been organizing the GP for decades.

14º Grand Prix Historique de Monaco

“It was a great honor for all of us in the Senna family to be here this weekend for the historic race at the Prince’s invitation. We were warmly welcomed by everyone here in Monaco, including fans, drivers, and various attendees. Surely, the names Senna and Monaco will be forever linked, and this magical weekend was proof of that,” Lalalli Senna explained.

“We are immensely grateful to all the event organizers who dedicated themselves to making this historic tribute happen. And I am very pleased with the reception given to Our Senna sculpture by the Prince. He was extremely gracious and delighted with the gift. Stuart Hall, the GP winner, was visibly moved by the gift as well; he looked at it for quite some time, being a great fan of Senna,” she added.

Further tributes to the three-time Formula 1 world champion are expected in the next two weeks. First, during this upcoming weekend at the Imola GP, and then with the 2024 Monaco GP, marking 30 years of Ayrton Senna’s legacy.

30 anos