In recent days, Rio Grande do Sul was hit by an unprecedented climate tragedy, which reached 85% of the municipalities and impacted the lives of millions of people.

Faced with incalculable material losses and, above all, human lives at risk, Brazil is mobilized.

Join us in this humanitarian mobilization, all help is very welcome!

What we are doing

Just as Brazil came together to cheer for him in each race, we united with Brazil and raised the flag of solidarity for the population of Rio Grande do Sul.

The Senna Group, through the Senna Brands brands and the Ayrton Senna Institute, made a joint donation of R$ 1 million to contribute to supporting homeless people and collaborating with the reconstruction of the state.

We invite all those who admired Ayrton to also help in any way they can.

How to help

Several campaigns took over social media and official channels of institutions that are involved in the rescue and reconstruction of the state.

The State government activated international donation channels to help victims of the environmental catastrophe that hit Rio Grande do Sul.

Read more how make international donations HERE.